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Mailing Address:
Red Herring Productions
C/O Mike Stevens
838 Pleasant St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904-1509


Owners, Cast and Crew

Don Moon, Owner
Phone: 719.650.6350
Email: Donmoon@comcast.net

Don is married, with two daughters. In his day job, he's a consulting engineer for municipal power and lighting.

Don was introduced to Red Herring in 1985 and attended two of the first three performances with a role offered to him in the 4th show, and the rest is history. Don became a partner in the early 1990’s and has participated in the writing, directing, staging, costuming and prop making for Red Herring, and is currently the president of the company.


Mike Stevens, Owner
Phone: 719.641-2666
Email: mike@redherringproductions.com

“The villain is the best part.”

Mike is married with 4 children. He majored in English at Michigan State University, where he also attended a few acting classes. His other major acting experience was playing “the Stage Manager” in high school.

In his day job, Mike designs and develops computer information systems.



Star Edgington : Costume Director

Star was born in Madison , Wisconsin has lived in many states. She studied music and theater in Kansas . She performed in Colorado , Wyoming and Utah in live theater, film, television and commercials. She has taught children both in the public schools and private. Star enjoys working with Red Herring for the past five years. She also is the Red Herring costumer and props mistress. Star is married and has one son. She likes to read, walk, sing, and cook goodies for the cast and friends.


Doris McCraw : Casting Director

Doris has had extensive experience in Colorado Springs theater. In addition to acting and casting for Red Herring, she works as an historic storyteller, specializing in early Colorado and Colorado Springs stories and characters, and coaches students in acting and presentation.  If you want more information about any of the above you can view her website.



More Cast and Crew

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