red herring productions, inc., murder mysteries
Premiere Provider of Murder Mystery Entertainment in Colorado since 1985
"Awesome! The highlight of our trip to Colorado!"
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February 28, 2019  Murder  Speaks Easy
Stargazers Theater click here for tickets

March 16, 2019 Murder Is Blarney
Briarhurst Manor call 719-685-1864 for tickets

March 16, 2019  Murder Is Blarney
Royal Gorge Route Railroad click here for tickets

March 23, 2019  Murder  Hits the Slopes
Royal Gorge Route Railroad click here for tickets

March 30, 2019  Murder  Hits the Slopes
Royal Gorge Route Railroad click here for tickets

Royal Gorge Route Railroad
"Murder mystery train ride in Canon City was awesome! The actors/actresses are great! Even after their performance they were extremely nice and took time out of their evening to let me take pictures and socialize. I highly recommend anything with them in it!!!" 
--Facebook October 2017
Briarhust Manor
"This was by far the best thing we have done in the springs!! The cast was amazing! Interacted with every person! Very funny!! Our show was set in the world war times! We were all meeting for a ration rally! No matter how many questions you asked the cast, they answered them and stayed in character!" 
--Facebook July 2017
History Colorado Center
"An awesome way to have an awesome party! Guaranteed that your guests will love it!Unique way to host!" 
--Facebook December 2017

More experience than national chains in scripts, performance, and show management 
More interactive 
Family-friendly--no blood and gore! 
Affordable--cheaper than most DJs, and everyone participates! 
Professionalism--all of us care about long-term relationships, with the audience, venues, and staff alike 
Owned and managed in full by local veterans and women

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