What We Offer
Fun, interactive entertainment for tourist attractions! 

You have a great attraction, but how can you make sure that tourists find it? How can you make the experience extra special? How can you attract return visitors from the local region? With the unique interactive entertainment of a Red Herring murder mystery, that’s how!  
You provide the dinner, and we provide the fun! Visitors arrive and are approached by unusual characters to question. Later they watch funny scenes when suddenly—murder strikes! With more jokes and fun, a hilarious detective assists them in formulating their own solutions to the crime. Finally the murderer—and the winning team—are revealed!  
We are experts in customizing performances for any setting, highlighting your attraction and all it has to offer. Contact us regarding special pricing options. If your attraction is historical, ask about speakers who bring the past to life!
Let's discuss how we can help you bring more guests to  your attraction!