What We Offer
Fun, interactive entertainment for group events! 

Your guests start to mingle. They’ve met a hundred times and conversation is running thin, or they have just met for the first time and small talk is awkward. Until you throw in a whodunit! Unusual characters jump into conversation, motivating guests to ask questions to learn more about their background and motives. Guests collaborate and enjoy fresh discussion.  
During dinner your guests are visited again by these characters, but not so often that they can’t savor the meal. During dessert your guests laugh as the suspects engage in arguments, and then a murder is committed! A hilarious detective assists the audience in working as teams to solve the mystery.  
Finally, with more jokes and fun, the murderer, as well as the winning team, are revealed! All for less than you might expect. Contact us about pricing!  
Red Herring also provides historical characters for a traditional, informative, and entertaining speech at your gathering.
Let us entertain your group--you'll be glad you did!