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** Indicates Our Fan Favorites!
++Indicates Shows that Are Particularly Well-Suited for Guest Costumes

Holiday Shows

++Slaybells Ring takes you over the river and through the woods for a Christmas Eve celebration with the extended family at grandmother's house. 

Jingle Bells and Shotgun Shells  Celebrate the holidays at the Cowboy Christmas Ball!

Ghosts of Little London  During a Dickensian Christmas in 1886, a grumpy banker says a last "Bah Humbug."

The Tin Man Murder  Join famous 1930s film noir detectives as they solve the mystery of tin tycoon's missing Christmas tree.

**Dial "C" for Chocolate unwraps the days when World War II is coming and even the chocolate is dark. A treat for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day!

Matchmaking Is Murder  In 1880, professional matchmaker is pairing up some very unusual matches! Will she get burned?

++Masquerading for Murder  Everyone is in costume for the 1924 annual meeting of the Society of Spiritualist Research, attended by famous mediums, authors, and the greatest magicians in the world.

The Wooden Stake Murder  An English theatrical company is touring America in 1898, but could there be a vampire in their midst? And what is that smell?

**Murder at Macabre Manor  In 1939, the village is wondering what is going in the castle. Rumors abound--about ghosts, werewolves, and treasure!

Murder at Bottomsrood  Join a seance in 1900, where intrigue is sure to complicate an inheritance.

++Shillelagh's Tale  In a St. Patrick's Day tale, an Irish miner is missing, with all the usual suspects.

Giving Thanks for Murder  It's a 1980s Thanksgiving Dinner, with one tough organizer in the family.

In Defense of Mother  Someone did wrong to Mom? The family won't stand for it!


**Murder in Buffalo Chip  It's 1888 in Buffalo Chip, Colorado, where ranchers, gunslingers, gamblers, outlaws, and church ladies make their home. There's great Western flavor, with one gunshot offstage.

Murder in Salt Creek busts into the Silver Queen Saloon in Salt Creek, Texas, in 1874. Men are riding in from the range to find liquor, women, and danger in a most unexpected form...

Murder at Trail's End takes you back to the town of Salt Creek to end the Western Saga of Stark, Plum, and Buck Naked.

Murder on the Midland  The train is headed to the Wild West! Colorado City is filled with millionaires, saloon owners, and madams, all based on real local historical figures.

Murder in a Dry Climate  A small town is abuzz over murder on the stagecoach. 


Murder on the Titanic  Grab a lifeboat--as if the ship didn't have enough problems, now there's murder too!


**++Murder Speaks Easy recreates a 1920s speakeasy filled with mobsters, politicians, flappers, and bootleggers. Dress up for this one--everything goes!


Murder Takes a Peak  At a high-society party in 1938, everyone is searching for the missing map!

Murder Takes a Cruise
 In 1935, a complement of international passengers share their final evening aboard. 

The Tin Man  
Join famous 1930s film noir detectives in solving a mystery with twists and turns. Available in holiday or all-season versions.

1940s/World War II

++Star-Spangled Murder  A young soldier returns home in 1946, but all is not well on the homefront.


**Shake, Rattle, and Murder  Join some 1950s up-and-coming rock-and-rollers on a popular television show.

++Murder on the Red Carpet takes you to glamorous Hollywood in the early 1960s to see familiar stars.

Murder on Location puts you on the set of a western filmed in the 1950s. It's bad movie--but it's funny!

Invaded by Murder  Enter the supernatural world of the 1950s, with mutant spiders, aliens, and mad scientists!

Murder Alfredo  In 1950s Rome, movie stars, rivalries, and scandal are on the menu.

Murder on the 19th Hole  In 1959, a new golf tournament will launch, unless someone cheats.


++Murder Hunts a Ghost  The crew of a copycat television show search for ghosts--and find sabotage instead.

Special Events & Venues

++Murder Hits the Slopes at rival ski resorts when a has-been medalist comes home. The snow hits the fan!

Reunion with Murder The Class of 19?? is back together, but some memories are better left in the past.

Politics is Murder  It's 19?? on the campaign trail. Today's issues are funnier when presented in the past!

++The Emerald Affair  In the present-day world of high-fashion jewelry, all the glitters is not gold!

Murder at Colorado General  At a hospital fundraiser in your city, the mortality rate is about to rise.

++Murder under the Big Top parades a circus mystery into your hometown. Step right up!

Murder Says "I Do" hosts a wedding reception among a strange family.

Murder on Safari  A television show is being filmed at the zoo, but the animals have other ideas.

Murder and Mint Juleps  A new label of bourbon is introduced at the 1929 horse races.

Treasure Sleuths  A famous painting is gone-but too many detectives may leave the mystery unsolved.

Murder Al Dente  In a small family restaurant, old-world values conflict with modern ways.

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