The Premier Provider of Murder Mystery Entertainment in the Rocky Mountains and Beyond since 1985
What We Offer:
Discover the Red Herring Difference!
From time to time, murder mystery events pop up from amateur or other providers. After 30 years, Red Herring knows how to provide you with a superior entertainment experience. What is the Red Herring difference?
Audience participation--Red Herring provides constant audience interaction. If you attend, you have automatically become part of the show. An audience that is personally involved in every part of the mystery has much more fun!

Family-friendly--Red Herring does not incorporate fake blood or objectionable death scenes. It's fun from start to finish. There may be innuendo, but the kiddies shouldn't get it, and we find that they often make the best detectives.

--The audience participation portion of the mystery is improv at its finest. Our actors become their character, and they excel at it. There is a short scripted portion during which the actors speak with each other prior to the "murder," but with such experienced improvisors there's a fresh and unexpected joke every time!

Affordable--We will do our best to make a Red Herring show affordable for the audience and profitable for the venue. Just ask! No Groupon is necessary for Red Herring. We provide our best price up front!

Local--We are not a national chain. We know how to provide great entertainment for our region. We know the people, and we will do whatever it takes to make the show rewarding for our audience and our venue.

Professionalism--We want your event to be a win-win for everyone! From audience to wait staff to venue management, we want everyone to have a positive and memorable experience. Our management will work one-on-one with venues to ensure a mutually worthwhile long-term relationship.