The Premier Provider of Murder Mystery Entertainment in the Rocky Mountains and Beyond since 1985
What We Offer:
Who are we?
Red Herring Productions is a privately held company based in Colorado. It is owned by several partners who have distinct professional careers with an impressive variety of theatrical backgrounds. The group dynamic resulting from the diverse experiences provides a wide variety of professional theatrical and educational experiences.
Are shows family-friendly?
Yes. Unlike some murder mystery providers, there will be no gory death scene and no props with fake blood (with the exception of a reddened wooden stake). We find that kids tend to be some of the best detectives. Our shows contain some innuendo that your kids shouldn't be able to understand. If they ask, we suggest not explaining what we meant!
Do you provide your scripts for private parties?
Do you travel?
Absolutely! We are based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our performance, creative, and management staff are located in Colorado Springs and Denver. Since we principally serve the Rocky Mountain Region, our costs for in-region travel include mileage and lodging; out-of-region travel will include a small travel time premium and actual travel costs (lowest fare coach) and expenses (budget accommodations) to your location. 
What does it cost?
Hosting a Red Herring entertainment production is "less than a rock band and a lot easier to listen to." You may be surprised! The specific cost is determined by audience size and travel expense. Depending on circumstances, the contract may also require provision of a per diem for meals and lodging. Contact us with questions or for an exact quotation.

Want to attend? Pricing varies by venue for our public shows. Click on "get tickets" on our home page or public shows list for details.